Silex Routing vs Trailing Slashes

In Silex-based projects I always define my routes with a trailing /. When defining a route with a trailing slash, the router will respond to both the route without and with slash:

  • $app->get('/hello', …); will respond to http://localhost/hello but not to http://localhost/hello/
  • $app->get('/hello/', …); will respond to http://localhost/hello and to http://localhost/hello/

Unfortunately this only works for GET routes. To make other methods work graze/silex-trailing-slash-handler comes in handy:

Handle requests missing a trailing slash in Silex by appending a slash and issuing an internal sub-request.

Usage is really simple, as graze/silex-trailing-slash-handler comes with a service provider that takes care of everything.

$app->get('/', function () {
    return 'Hello World!';

$provider = new \Graze\Silex\ControllerProvider\TrailingSlashControllerProvider();
$app->mount('/', $provider);

Just remember to define your routes first, before mounting the controller provider.


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