Why Super Mario Run costs $9.99

Because you’re not nagged with screens like this:

Nor screens like this:

I’ve been playing Super Mario Run the past few days and haven’t regretted paying $9.99 to get the full version. Yes, that’s above average when compared to other apps, but at least you get a real game in return for it:

  • A game sporting Super Mario, a well established character which everybody loves.
  • A game in line with previous Mario games: enemies, design elements, etc. – it all feels familiar.
  • A game that is playable by those that just jump around a bit (read: my kids), but also by those wanting to truly master it.
  • A game with levels that can be replayed at least three times: after having collected the 5 pink challenge coins in a level, the level structure changes a bit and then sports 5 purple challenge coins. Rinse an repeat with 5 black challenge coins. Collecting them all will take you time (*)
  • A forward-moving game in which you can move in the opposite direction thanks to clever level design/structure and some well chosen elements.
  • A game that doesn’t nag you every five steps to buying stuff.
  • A game featuring a highly-replayable rally mode, next to the main campaign, in which you can race both friends and strangers to earn more stuff

More photos: What Super Mario Run would look like as a free to play game →

(*) If you just jump around a bit you can speedrun-finish the game in one single day. However, one week in and I’m not even halfway because collecting all special coins will take quite some skills (and time).

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