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After upgrading to Mavericks your Drobo might not show up in Finder (here it did just fine, using a Drobo FS800 (aka 2nd gen Drobo) connected over Firewire). If that happens, do either one of these to get your Drobo visible in Finder again:

  • Unmount the Drobo from Disk Utility (where it by magic will appear!?) and mount it again by reconnecting it to your Mac.
  • Unplug and put back the power to your Drobo, after which it will restart.

One of those should do the trick in case your Drobo might be missing.

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  1. thanks for the tip [i haven’t tried it yet] but are you experiencing or have heard of the following issues with OS X Mavericks & Drobo [USB or Thunderbolt] – the Drobo shows up in Disk Utility and even Drobo Dashboard sees it and displays all drives as good and healthy but does not mount onto the Desktop or seen in Finder… when attempt to Mount, Disk Utility says cannot mount and recommends Disk Repair – and when attempt to Repair, Disk Utility says “failed” and recommends back-up all files and reformat BUT the damn Drobo won’t even mount to do any back-up… so i’ve tried using TechTool Pro and Data Rescue to try to fix the file system to get it to mount, but not successful… if the above tips don’t work, what other suggestions or ideas have you got or heard that i could possible try before i sadly say goodbye to all my home videos and software and photos [entire life collection] and basically go into deep depression for who knows how long…???

  2. Same problem here only with OS X 10.8.5 – just did a software update on OS X (claimed to only be fixing the RAW format for photos) and ran into a similar problem. I have 2 partitions on a 4-drive (3TB) 2nd Gen Drobo. Drobo reports all is fine. One partition mounts fine, the other (where most of my day to day stuff is stored) doesn’t. Running Disk Utility to verify/repair the drobo fails (although it ends up mounting the drobo) with a statement that “Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk and restore your backed-up files.” It also said that the drive will be accessible to open and save to but not update files (???).

    Seems like a problem with the OS X update rather than the drive.

  3. I’m running a Gen2 Drobo 4bay and a Drobo FS.
    After a recent OS update, the drives won’t mount to my desktop, but the FS shows up as a network device, so i can browse it that way. I neet the drives to mount to my desktop in order to be able to access images that are referenced by Lightroom catalogues.

    Disk Utility on my imac (running Mavericks) won’t eject the Drobo 4bay.
    Everything works as it should on my MacbookPro running Mountain Lion… seems to be an OS problem because dashboard is up to date and so is the firmware of both Drobos.

    If all else fails, i must migrate my catalogues to my MBP in order to carry on working until the OS issue is sorted out. (Ive not dared install Yosemite yet, but will it make things beter our worse?)

  4. I don’t think it’s Yosemite or Mavericks per se, I have had this problem with both versions of OS X and my 4-bay Drobo. It randomly stops working during file transfers, VERY irritating!! I have enjoyed the Drobo, but the company SUCKS regarding support. They don’t stand behind their product unless you agree to be extorted and PAY UP.

  5. Lee, have you managed to solve this problem? I’ve reached the point now where none of my files will transfer to my 5D, despite Drobo Dashboard saying the disk pack is fine and it having plenty of space. Before, only large files wouldn’t transfer, but now even small(ish) files are getting stuck.

    I’ve ordered another Thunderbolt cable to see if that is the problem and I have the latest versions of OS X, firmware, etc.

  6. I’ve had this problem too and got this fix to remount my drobo on youtube.


    1. Repair disk with Disk Utility.
    2. Run this terminal command with your disk name (found in Disk Utility )
    sudo /System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/Contents/Resources/hfs.util -N /dev/[Disk Device]
    3. Repair again with Disk Utility
    4. Enable Journaling with Disk Utility

    It took a while for it to finish and show up (my disk is 17 TB) but it’s back now!

    1. Thanks Dan, great link!

      Had some issues myself after having upgraded to macOS 10.12 … luckily enough the volume mounted by itself after about 15 minutes. *phew*

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