Fork CMS 3.0.0

A few days ago, version 3.0.0 of Fork CMS was released. Fork is an Open Source CMS, created by Netlash (and contributors via GitHub).

It’s great to see how the CMS has evolved over time (back when I worked at Netlash it was version 0.6 / 0.7). Key changes since 2.x are:

  • Positions in the Pages Module
  • Installable modules & themes
  • New translations (Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian)
  • Updated folder structure/installer

To me, the last feature is the best one in this release, as installing Fork CMS is more user friendly right now (before, the requirements set by Fork couldn’t always be met, especially on shared hosting).

Still a point of improvement is documentation on Fork (both for users and developers). There is some available, but many things have to be sought out by diving into the source code. Hoping to see this developed too 😉

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