Take it with the usual grain of salt that should accompany any news of global browser trends, but, extrapolating out from the 2011 trend in StatCounter’s Global Stats Chrome appears set to surpass IE as the most-used desktop browser some time next summer. And that will finally end the 13 year domination of the market by Internet Explorer.

That is if things remain as they are of course. Wondering how future releases such as IE10 — which, on a technical level, will rock — will affect this (speculative) graph.

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  1. I do hope IE10 will kick some ass. Don’t see IE9 going anywhere though, as it doesn’t have the support of the webdev community because it’s lacking on so many levels.

    Of course a lot will depend on Microsoft: Will they make IE10 a mandatory (viz. forced) update and – more important – which platforms will they support (looking at XP here).

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