Compiling SWFTools on Mac OS X Leopard

swftoolsIt took some Google search coupons, but this guide to installing SWFTools (*) on OS X is perfect. Here are some (minor) steps in the process I had to do/find out.

Mainly a note to myself, yet it might help you too:

  • XCode can be found on your OS X installation disc. If you don’t have your installation disc with you, you can download it.
  • When not having configured fink to use the unstable tree you won’t be able to install SWFTools (step 9 will fail stating that the package doesn’t exist). To fix this, run /sw/bin/fink configure and re-answer the config questions again (this time answer ‘m correctly) and then run /sw/bin fink selfupdate again.
  • For me, the installation of SWFTools failed at installing the required gtk+2 package. Somewhere in between the thousands of lines of output that appeared in the terminal window, I found out an error stating that I needed to install X11 2.3.0. After having done so (beware: you need to log out and log on again), just re-rerun /sw/bin/fink install swftools and then it should complete.
  • Installing the 106 required additional packages (which goes automagically) actually takes quite a while: expect at least 1 hour of staring at output rolling in the terminal window. Go grab lunch, or do another task.

That’s it!

(*) SWFTools is a darn handy collection of utilities for working with Adobe Flash files (SWF files). The tool collection includes programs for reading SWF files, combining them, converting them, and — what I am using them for — extracting objects from them.

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  1. Thanks for this useful article – got me started. Fink now only contains an old version (0.8.1-2) – macports has the more recent version (0.9+).

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