Adobe Photoshop CS4 Disable Canvas Rotation Via Trackpad plug-in

This one’s been bugging me ever since I installed CS4: “On MacBook Air and recent MacBook Pro systems, Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 can use a multitouch gesture to enable rotation of the document canvas. Some customers find that the canvas gets rotated accidentally through inadvertent use of the gesture on the trackpad.” → the.fix (note that this plugin also disabled trackpad-zooming, something I actually do use quite a lot)

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  1. Hi Bram,

    While the plug-in disables the 3 gestures listed, you can still get a zoom gesture using 2 fingers on the trackpad. Depending on the setting of ‘Zoom with Scroll Wheel’ in the general preference tab, you can Zoom/Pan holding the Alt key while moving 2 fingers on the trackpad.

    So you can kill Rotate, and Flick Pan, but still have a Zoom gesture active using the trackpad. 🙂

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