jQuery.serializeAnything : Serialize anything (and not just forms!)

Code snippet I found somewhere in my archive: jQuery.serializeAnything() is a jQuery Extension that serializes any element you specify, in contrast to jQuery’s builtin serialize() function which is limited to serializing form elements only.

/* @projectDescription jQuery Serialize Anything - Serialize anything (and not just forms!)
 * @author Bramus! (Bram Van Damme)
 * @version 1.0
 * @website: https://www.bram.us/
 * @license : BSD

(function($) {

	$.fn.serializeAnything = function() {

		var toReturn	= [];
		var els 		= $(this).find(':input').get();

		$.each(els, function() {
			if (this.name && !this.disabled && (this.checked || /select|textarea/i.test(this.nodeName) || /text|hidden|password/i.test(this.type))) {
				var val = $(this).val();
				toReturn.push( encodeURIComponent(this.name) + "=" + encodeURIComponent( val ) );

		return toReturn.join("&").replace(/%20/g, "+");



Usage is simple: place the contents above in a .js file (jquery.serializeanything.js for example), refer to that file from your head element AFTER you referenced the jquery.js file, and use it just as you would call the serialize() function in your code: $('#myElement').serializeAnything().


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  1. let jQuery do the stuff for you…

    $(‘#ingreso_detalle tbody tr:first td:first’)
    .find(‘[name]:input’) //since version 1.0
    .clone() //since version 1.0
    .wrap(”) //since version 1.0
    .serialize() //since version 1.0

  2. Thanks for the snippet! But please use normal quotes in your code I spend an hour searching for the error that came up every time 🙁

  3. Hi,

    this function will serialize first time but if i move back to form n update a few values it wont show the result as new values but same old values.

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