Opera overshoots Safari/Webkit in the ACID3 race

Safari has been making great gains in its Acid3 score in recent weeks, currently residing on 96%. Opera however has come out of the chasing pack and moved from 77% in the latest weekly release of Kestrel, to 98% in the latest internal builds” (src)


4 Responses to Opera overshoots Safari/Webkit in the ACID3 race

  1. Ed says:

    Out of date already, WebKit/Safari is at 98/100 too.

  2. Bramus! says:

    Ha, as of this morning that indeed is true. Gotta catch up on my feeds I presume 😛

  3. Bramus! says:

    @Gianni: things are going pretty fast indeed (from 90 to 100 in about 2 weeks). And by now Opera also gets 100/100. Kudos to both the teams!

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