flashLightBoxInjector spinoff: flashShadowboxInjector

pictureflow.gifWith the release of PictureFlow 2.7 – a Flash Coverflow implementation – the author osamwal has switched from Lightbox to the multifunctional Shadowbox which provides extra functionality like showing videos and websites in a Lightbox style.

As PictureFlow 2.6 depended on Lightbox to show the enlarged versions of the linked to images, flashLightBoxInjector was used to start Lightbox from within Flash. With the new release – and switch to Shadowbox – the PictureFlow author rewrote flashLightBoxInjector to work with Shadowbox and – cleverly – named it flashShadowboxInjector.

PictureFlow 2.7

In order to lay your hands on flashShadowboxInjector, head over to the PictureFlow project page and download the latest version.

Kudos to osamwal for creating PictureFlow and rewriting flashShadowboxInjector!

Happy coding!

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  1. i can’t get it working. i want to put it in a on(release) element, but how do i do it? i am a completely noob with flash.. so if you can help me, it would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  2. I would like to use picture Flow with my wordpress site, using i3theme.

    I am rather new in coding and all the guides I could find thus far are with too little detail for my knowledge.
    Any help to get this working would be much appreciated.
    Thanx thanx

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