Embedding fonts in Flash : Extended characters

Note to self (I keep on misplacing the textfile with this): when embedding a font in Flash, embed these characters too (next to Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral and Punctuation): éèëêáàäâíìïîúùüûóòöôñ&@"#'(§^!ç{})°[]%£€ÉÈËÊÁÀÄÂÍÌÏÎÚÙÜÛÓÒÖÔÑÇ

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  1. you may also want the uppercase for some of these characters


  2. Hey I dont get it how you want to display éèëêáàäâíìïîúùüûóòöôñ&é@”#’(§^!ç{})°[]%£€ÉÈËÊÁÀÄÂÍÌÏÎÚÙÜÛÓÒÖÔÑÉÇ
    from an XML i tried to embedd but nothing works..
    anybody can help??

  3. @citra: It looks that it’s not the flash character embedding that’s screwing you; You’ll need to look into XML CDATA in order to get your entities parsed correctly into your XML file (and thus in the flash file) 😉

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