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google.gifAbout half an hour ago I created a new post here on entitled 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6 (FYI: that’s the MD5 of “test”). Main reason was to see how high Google would rank me. Secondary reason was to see how long it would take Google to index me. The answer to both is quite simple: very high and blazin’ fast.

The high ranking is simple: 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6 is pretty unique. The fast part: lucky of just catching an update cycle or not? Discuss away! (edit: this post also made it onto Google within half an hour)

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Bramus is a frontend web developer from Belgium, working as a Chrome Developer Relations Engineer at Google. From the moment he discovered view-source at the age of 14 (way back in 1997), he fell in love with the web and has been tinkering with it ever since (more …)

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  1. That’s amazingly fast to get crawled and indexed within 30 minutes, you must have a strong domain there – plus a bit of luck might have something to do with it too 🙂 Things like this shows why Google is the dominant search engine, amazing!

  2. Everybody keeps being so amazed about Google’s indexing speed while it’s actually a feature of most blog platforms to inform google that you have a new post. Check your blog config for pingomatic or something like that.

  3. @Javache: pingomatic indeed is in here. Nonetheless it’s very impressive that the listing in Google gets updated somwhat ‘on the fly’ (within half an hour) given the huge amount of data they need to handle.

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