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  1. For real, Bram?

    I mean sure, there is no SDK out yet and there‘s no hsdpa/umts support yet either and there is the sim-lock and the carrier dependend visual voicemail downer (all reasons why i don’t have one yet), but if you don’t mind a new contract and don’t want to run additional tools on it, then i think it is the best choice. Honestly, those other smartphones are ugly as shit and the UI’s usually suck, don’t they?

    Here is me waiting for iPhone 2 🙂

  2. Combine my reason with all your reasons and there you have it (braintwist: did Apple overdo themselves by releasing a product that wasn’t 100% finished?). Not that keen on v1 Hardware by Apple I must say (my iPod Nano 1st gen for example won’t shut down properly; the 2nd gens don’t have that problem).

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