My Release Day – flashLightBoxInjector 1.2

bridgedGap2I seem to be in a development mood today. After having released bramus_cssextras 0.4.1 earlier today I load upon thee a new version of flashLightBoxInjector, bumping it to version 1.2. Not much has changed since the previous version (1.1), except for the addition of a prependElement function and the addition of a new ass-kicking “Flash Polaroid Photo Gallery” demo which I backdropped from the Trancefusion website I developed this summer, as per request by Roland. And yes my friends, sources are included in the release 😉

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  1. @ chapper: yes, at the flashLightBoxInjector page (linked to quite a few times above) there are 3 linked demos (which you can take a look at), 2 examples explained; and the sources of the demos/examples are included in the download …

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