John Gruber on the WWDC 2007 keynote

WWDC 2007 feels more like ‘WWDC 2006 2.0’ – the same news, now less vague.

Interesting quote: “Apparently, these secret [Leopard] features consist of the new unified window theme and the Cover Flow view in Finder. This is sort of like saying you’re adding a secret new player to your baseball team and then revealing that it’s one of the existing players wearing a new jersey.

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  1. that guy had a bad week, huh? i am not ultra pro apple, but those iPhone webapps ideas are an ok idea imho. kinda like google desktop i guess, webcode but locally stored and authed to do/req with/from the hardware what is nessessary.

    the dock news is no biggie, sure, but looks better than vista anyways.

    that quickview or whatsitcalled thing is kinda cool. dunno why that came so late. just preload all those filetype systemintegration plugins at bootup and there you have a quickview thingy.

    i asked you a year ago about to write something that is now called webclips by apple. you should have listened more carefully that looooong year ago 🙂

    sure, the wwdc keynote was more like a public keynote, but wtf? everyone in there prolly makes money with the apps they’re writing for os x. so why piss on the good -for public- news? good news: more money. more money: good mood: good coding 🙂

    timemachine again demo came because because of good news tactic.

    i liked it.

    and games now as well? uh, ok i guess.

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