Google Maps : Street View : Nice nice or Privacy invasion?

If Google Maps it’s latest feature named Street View (YTB demo movie right here) can be used for “Chick Spotting” (Angle #1, Angle #2, Angle #3, Angle #4, Angle #5), won’t that raise any privacy issues? Pretty sure some people will demand to take offline some photos…

UPDATE: Just found via (see comments below) that some pics have been removed by now. “This used to be a picture of some police offers and some unhappy people. Now it’s gone.” How long until “regular” people start demanding to remove images they appear on; or to remove pictures of their house?

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  1. Hi Bramus,

    I’ve also started a site to capture cool pictures from Street View. You can search the pictures by category… Check it out if you’d like. I’m always looking for more submissions. 😉

    Street Reviewer



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