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  1. @pascal: All new links/trackbacks on foobr have nofollow applied for 24hrs and then it is removed automatically.

    I feel this gives the best balance, I get 24hrs to prune out any obvious spam and then after that I automatically start giving some link love 😉

    I do mention this in the post as well:

    “I can understand why people do not want to give any link love to spammers, thats why I have a period of 24hrs when new links have nofollow applied to them

    Oh and Bramus cheers for the mention 🙂

  2. yay! another convert 😉
    Maybe if enough people in the blogging community start to do the same other larger sites might start to notice as well (once again I’m looking at you wikipedia!)

    ..on an unrelated note, everytime I see your captcha I think it reads ihatespampoo which is still fairly accurate!

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