My iSmudginator 0.1

iSmudginatorAfter having had a lazy sunday, and having read loads of iPhone related material throughout the week, and having the sudden urge to goof around in Flash, I hereby load upon thee … The iSmudginator 0.1.

Basically this baby is the interactive reincarnation of Jon Hicks’ ingenious iPhone mockup he posted in his "The only drawback with the iPhone"-post earlier this week.

The iSmudginator 0.1 – now including the free iScratcher addon!

Update 2007.01.17
The iSmudginator got updated to version 0.2 … click to proceed to updated version

Just a lil’ gimmick, I know 😛



22 Responses to My iSmudginator 0.1

  1. Kevin says:

    Hehe. Nice stuff.

    By the way: I think you need to redefine your “lazy Sundays”. 😉

  2. Bramus! says:

    Kevin, it was a lazy sunday driving “Den Dax” and watching some movies … quickly made this before hitting the sack 😉

  3. Bert says:

    Nice! 🙂

    I need more lazy sundays, that’s for sure.

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  5. wio says:

    machtuh! 🙂
    very funny 🙂

  6. Bart says:

    Feature request: afdruk van een oor!

  7. lone ranger says:

    good, very good.

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  9. kEnny says:

    Maybe wanna wash ur hands sometime ;))

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  18. ba-m-bi says:

    Nice ^ ^
    very good!

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