My Dexia Not-So-Direct Net (Continued)

Digipass 810 - Dexia Card ReaderSome time ago I wrote ranted about Dexia Direct Net. During the time now and my initial post, the shit really hit the fan: DDN was not working at all.

The first few days I used DDN everything started to go slower: one clicked on a action he wanted to perform (or at least one thought he was about to perform) and the statusbar of the browser started loading … and loading … and loading.

A week later it got even worse: go to DDN, finally see the loginscreen appear, do the stupid thing with the cardreader to finally receive a timeout. Okay, second try … timeout. Hmmz, third try … timeout. Okay, I give up.

This behaviour of “the improved Dexia Netbanking” really pissed me off. One could only connect to it somewhere in the middle of the night when there were no users online at all (heh, that reminds me of IedereenLeeftMee, our server really got overloaded the first few days but after tweaking IIS it all got better).

A few days later, the server was down. No reaction at all. Eventually, 3 weeks after DDN launched there appeared a small notice somehwere on the main Dexia website. Something about “servers overloaded” and “will cluster some servers” as my dad told me.

Now, 1 month after the launch of DDN, it is going fast again. With the server-issue now fixed, I do hope that they’ll bring in a qualified designer to give the thing a nice layout and maybe they can ask Jared Spool on some thoughts on how to improve the user experience, which has so far been bad … really bad.



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