A grand don’t come for free

“Original Pirate Material” by “The Streets” is one of my all time favourite albums (you might know them from the single “Weak become heroes”) … yesterday I found out (a bit late, but hey, I’m always late) that its sequel called “A grand don’t come for free” will be in stores due May 10th.

This got me verrry thrilled so I looked some stuff up…

Will it be any good?

It’s a bit different to “Original Pirate Material”, mind, seeing as how it contains pretty much nothing that you could recognisably call UK garage, and, inevitably, it’s a bit more expensive-sounding, although it’s still recognisably him, and, like its predecessor, it’s a recorded-in-a-bedroom job. However, it’s a lot less lairy, and, best of all, the whole thing works as a complete story, complete with recurring characters and proper continuity and everything. Coo!


1. It Was Supposed To Be So Easy
2. Could Well Be In
3. Not Addicted
4. Blinded By The Lights
5. Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way
6. Get Out Of My House
7. Fit But You Know It
8. Such A Twat
9. What Is He Thinking
10. Dry Your Eyes
11. Empty Cans

Mike Skinner == The Streets

“I’m as street as I’ve ever been because I still live in the same city and I still do the same things. I’ve just got a nicer floor and nicer wallpaper and I’ve got a telly in my kitchen now.


BTW : “Days in the life of a Geezer” ( part of bramus.be its title ) actually comes from a song from the “Original Pirate Material” – album

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