WARNING: This project is outdated, no longer updated, and unsupported. It is kept here merely for archiving purposes. You should check out my most recent projects on Github

JS_BRAMUS is a JavaScript namespace containing JavaScript code I’ve written:

Some unreleased (and by now outdated) scripts within JS_BRAMUS are:

  • JS_BRAMUS.formChecker : A scalable javascript formchecker
  • JS_BRAMUS.datePicker : A javascript datepicker
  • JS_BRAMUS.timePicker : A javascript timepicker
  • JS_BRAMUS.his : A horizontal image scroller (marquee like)
  • JS_BRAMUS.wTree : Collapsible Vertical Menu Tree
  • JS_BRAMUS.hTree : Collapsible Horizontal Menu Tree
  • JS_BRAMUS.fadeShow : Fading Slideshow
  • JS_BRAMUS.toggleTabs : Simple Vertical Toggle Tabs

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