My IE8 beta 1 Experiences – Microsoft, beware of Optimus Prime!

ie8-302.gifInternet Explorer 8 beta 1 just got released. Couldn’t resist myself and immediately installed it. Here are my experiences (running XP SP2 Dutch here):

IE8, Beware of Optimus Prime! (1)

IE8, Beware of Optimus Prime! (2)

Ha, what about that Microsoft? Reminds me of the fact that IE7b1 and Safari 3.0 were acting all weird on some localised versions of XPSP2 (including the Dutch version). Anyone else with a Dutch XP SP2 having this kind of sh**?

Update 2008.03.06: On my XP SP2 Dutch machine at work, it does install neatly. Only difference is that the XP at work is an OEM version. As an alternative, I can testrun IE8 beta 1 via a Microsoft released VPC image.

Update 2008.03.09: Found it: HP Smart Web Printing Plugin (which apparently got installed when I installed my printer) was the wrongdoer! Although the IE8 Beta 1 Knowledge Base states that it works fine, except for the icon not being shown, my experiences tell me the darn thing makes IE8 go boo boo.

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  1. I don’t even want to install it. Is that true that they want webmasters to change website code to be compatible with a new IE versions?
    I heard that there is a button that makes browser act like a ie7 (emulate ie7). Microsoft makes me laugh with every new release.

  2. @Tom: Better catch up on your reading, as the IE Team have reverted their decision to enforce the IE8 Meta Tag 😉

    And yes, there’s a button to go into IE7 mode (requires a restart of the browser though) which can only be applauded as this enables one to run multiple versions of IE next to eachother in a real nice – and official – way 🙂

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