My Dummy Text, Generators Alternative to Lorem Ipsum

lipsum.gifMust say I kinda had it with Lorem Ipsum after having placed a truckload of dummy posts into a new site we‘re developing; So I sought some alternatives to make my day even more dynamic. Turns out plenty of alternatives do exist 🙂

Must say that The Motherlode in Esperanto gets my preference as it builds nice full sentences and includes plenty of special characters (accents). Great for testing imo!

(Yes, I know Lorem Ipsum is THE way to do it and won’t die out, but in the 21st century we always want to have a choice)


5 Responses to My Dummy Text, Generators Alternative to Lorem Ipsum

  1. Wolf says:

    The point of Lorem ipsum is that no one understands it, as words can invoke feelings which might alter the perception of the design.

  2. You got a point there, Wolf. Well, esperanto should work there as well, But i agree on english (or client specific language) dummy text.

  3. Bramus! says:

    @ Wolf: the language specific generators (except for the love poem one, hence the fact that it was posted last and bildtextgenerator if you select the german story thingy) don’t actually spit out valid text in those languages as I’ve seen it.

    However, a valid point indeed that the text should not steer the emotion of a design.

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