My Quest: In search of the ultimate windows Twitter client

TwitbinAfter having tried nearly every Windows Twitter Client, only Twitterlicious comes close to Twitteriffic. It’s a great app, but I found myself restarting the program every 2 hours, as it sometimes would just hang. So the quest continued …

Yesterday I stumbled upon TwitBin, a Firefox Extension which adds a Twitter sidebar to Firefox, and I must say that ”it just works”: No timeouts, no errors, no nothing that goes wrong See update below for new info. Only feature I’d like to see added is to detach the sidebar to a new window (as FireBug can do) and to have inline alerts (cfr. when a download completes). Other than that this client is perfect!

TwitBin Sidebar
The TwitBin Firefox Sidebar

I can hear you thinking that you have to have Firefox open all the time. True, but for me that’s no problem since Firefox is always open whenever I’m working on the PC 🙂

Already noticed Dextro and Don Ardonio using TwitBin … who’s next?

Happy tweeting! TwitBin ftw!



Twitbin seemed great, but after a few days (when it started getting popular?) I noticed that the darn thing gave timeouts, didn’t remember the credentials, froze up, didn’t load (FYI: Twitbin (the extension) merely loads the URL into your sidebar). Then, Dextro came on with TwitterFox. Been using TwitterFox for quite a while now (3 weeks?) and must say that I like it and above all just works (if the Twitter API ain’t down, but that’s not TwitterFox’ fault).

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