My (Priceless?) Photoshop Tips just posted a nice list of secret Photoshop Shortcuts.
(the one more secret than the other). In addition to that list, here are 2 other (priceless?) tips.

  1. When dragging a Guide from the Rulers (CTRL+R) and snapping is enabled (SHIFT+CTRL+;) you’ll notice it’ll snap to an edge (be it an edge of the document, a layer, etc.) when at about 8px from that edge. To not let it snap, hold the CTRL button (that’ll be the CMD one on Mac) whilst dragging your Guide.
  2. Zooming in and out can be done with the CTRL++ and CTRL+- shortcuts, yet only the document will zoom; the size of the window will remain the same. When zooming via ALT+CTRL++ and ALT+CTRL+-, the window will adjust its size together with the zooming.

I know the first tip was new to my graphical colleagues (Thomas & GoOve!) when I first told them, so it’s quite likely that some of you might find it a tip worth sharing too 😉

Note: this article is written in PC Photoshop format. If you are using Mac, Ctrl = Cmd and Alt = Opt.

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