My Link Love – 8 things you might not know about me …

bram.usApparently I got tagged by Don, asking to post 8 things one might now know about me. Here goes …


1. 9 years of Bramus!

Exactly 9 years ago (when I was 14 years old) the nickname Bramus! kicked in. Back in July 1998 we were on camp with the Scouts in the South-East of France. Our 10 day hike started in Briançon and took a tour from there on. One of the villages we stopped during that big hike was Bramousse (pronounced like “chocolate mousse”). During the days after, the name evolved to Bramus! (with exclamation mark that is!), pronounced with a long a and u (rhymes with Nostradamus).


2. I had a skull fracture when I was 3 years old

When I was 3 years old I fell from a stage, 2 meters down on the concrete. With that fall I broke my skull and had a severe concussion. Odds of me surviving were really small, and miraculously I recovered (the doctors stated that they’ve never seen such a recovery). As a result of that skull fracture I cannot cope with direct sunlight (or flashing lights) though, nor can cope with really warm and crowded areas. Above that I have quite a few headaches each week, especially if I haven’t slept that much (and I need lots of sleep I have noticed)


3. I have an IQ of 132

Turns out that’s above average


4. I’m not an early bird

Well that’s actually no secret at all, those who know me know this quite well actually: I’m more of an owl, working better at night. Heck, when I still was in college I actually lived the other way around during the finals: sleep during the day (till about 6PM, study at night and then in the morning take the final and hit the sack at about 11AM).


5. I still live at home, although I haven’t lived there for 2 years

Back when I was 17 I was dating a girl named Jana. Tragic stuff happened when her father was brutally murdered in his own garage. As of then I actually lived at her place for about 2 years. After we broke up (after a relation of 3.5 years) I moved in back home, sharing the room with my brother again (who then a year later moved out). Ever since I have my own room I see no urgent reason of moving – although plans are in the making – as I’m not at home that much I quite often sleep over at my gf’s place. And if I’m at home, I have everything I need in my room (computer, bed, couch, tv, etc) and don’t actually mind my parents floating around in the living room.


6. I flunked a year in school, on purpose

In the fifth grade, when I was 17, I was studying languages+economics as the wanted languages+math combo (which I studied the years before) wasn’t available for the final 2 years.

As economics did not interest me at all, the grades for that course indeed were lacking. The languages (English, French, German and Dutch of course) on the other hand I did like.

Halfway through the year I heard that the year after they’d be introducing ICT at school. After having lobbied with my parents for 2 months (3 months before the year ended) I had the approval to flunk and study ICT the next year. (FYI: the last 2 years one studies have to be the same here in Belgium, that’s why I could not “just switch”). Turns out it was one of the best choices I ever made. After those 2 years I continued my studies ICT at


7. I envy designers and musicians

Although I know a lot about the programming part of webdevelopment, I envy designers as I find designing a pure form of being creative. Same goes for musicians: making music to me is one of the highest forms of creativity.

Actually I must say that I’m quite jealous of these 2 groups of people

Sidenote: I have a feeling for design, and can juggle with Photoshop quite well … but I cannot make a design from scratch. Same goes for music: I can feel musical rhythm quite good (I’m a good dancer, so they say), yet never took on an instrument.


8. I’m out looking for a job

Yup, that’s right (save the best for last, right?), I submitted my resignation at Wax (for various reasons) earlier this month now and am out looking for a new job. Still have until mid-September to find a new job, as one cannot quit in one day (quite obvious). In September I’ll be joining Netlash


Think that’s it 😛

Oh, tagging Jared (if his blog ever gets back up), Manuel and 6 others who just want to post something about themselves (maybe Bert, Morrie or Matthi feel like writing?).

Edit: now that I re-read this, I want to tag Aaron Basset too, as his blog is one I’ve been following real closely the last few months 😉

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  1. thanks for the link and for thinking of me for this. I know I’m being slow in coming up with my answers/post but I will try and write one up over the next couple of days 🙂

  2. Gosh, you are a man of hidden depths.
    I don’t think there’s anything about my life that I could write that trumps any of them but yes, number 7 yes, yes, yes..I envy designers and musicians too

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