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iSmudginatorAfter the release of the iPhone a truckload of iPhone-related posts have appeared on the web, from which I’ll mention quite a few here hoping to get the full picture (and saving you the trouble of browsing and searching around) …

It all started a few days before the release when people started camping outside Apple Stores (even Apple posted some pics on this!), desperately wanting to be first. It even became that hectic that some woman even bought out a guy for $800 to be first after having set out an evil plan: buy $16,000 worth of iPhones. Little did she know, as only 1 iPhone per client was allowed, resulting in the fact that that dude in fact got an $800 bonus.

After the long wait and finally (although some models were sent out for review way before (be sure to check the ending!))owning an brand new shiny iPhone (that is if you didn’t drop it when getting it out of the box), the brand spanking new owners (more than half a million by July 2nd) were impressed by the packaging (with indented home button) and started posting some unboxing pics. Some took it to the next level by disassembling the iPhone to find out which processor it holds and to re-calculate how much an iPhone (hardware only) costs: $220 and some even started fiddling around to unlocking the iPhone.


With the packaging removed, people started using it, writing down their first impressions and finding out what a hassle it was to activate their AT&T account (of course a nice workaround and a less-legal (?) workaround were found quite soon). Together with those first impressions, some shortcomings were discovered (and EDGE even went down!) and finally the first reviews and hands-ons and even a stress-test popped up. In that stress-test the iPhone came out quite good, taking away my fears which I expressed by creating the iSmudginator, yet some still managed to crack their iPhone quite bad (and having the luck to get it replaced).

And then the developers kicked in, making available quite a few iPhone apps which resulted in some top X lists.The one out there indefinately is FireBug which is making progress into getting it on the iPhone.

On the other hand, some bad news for Apple. Someone got his hands on the firmware (although it’s password protected) and some managed to crack the root password … this definately will be continued. Good news however is that Apple now finally owns

To summarize, the people out there are very happy with their iPhone even with some minor shortcomings in place and the iPhone is more than just a breakthrough mobile phone device .

Now if only it were November, when the iPhone will hit Europe …

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  1. OK, your loss 🙂

    Seriously, I’ve played with my co-worker’s iPhone, and I must say.. it’s a pretty sweet item. I also have been following most of the news threads that you posted above, and apart from a couple of nuisances that come with this type of first release, they are really worth the buy, if you are in the market for this kind of device. Read: if you are in the market for a new iPod, use your cell phone very often and were basically getting upset with voice-mail overload…

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