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Voting BallotThis Sunday federal elections are being held here in Belgium. As the voting day comes closer, the politicians start getting jumpy. During the entire campaign of the various politicians, only campaign of one party really stood out …

First let me kick off with the fact that I’m praising the campaign itself, and not reflecting my opinion on the program they’re offering 😉

Anywho, the campaign that caught my eye is the one of SP.A/Spirit. With the tagline “JA!” (yes) they really have a hit. It’s short, it’s effective, it’s clear.

SP.A/Spirit Website
SP.A Spirit Website

Next to their regular (and very well balanced) website with the rather formal stuff they also have a minisite Ja! ik doe mee, on which they let the (possible) voters post their own messages without any hassle (click-type-click and you’re done). Now you might not find this that much innovating, but the best part is yet to come.

SP.A/Spirit JA!

Last week, after having watched the news on één a highly amusing commercial kicked in. As I watched it, I turned up the volume as it really caught my eye … my mouth just fell open! Wow, damn nice!

The commercial is just perfect! It says a lot (not to say everything) about the program of SP.A/Spirit, it’s fun to watch, it’s well executed (great actor, cutting, etc.), it never bores although it lasts more than 2 minutes, it reaches both the elderly (my parents kept laughing for like 10 minutes) and the young (I’m still young, not?) it’s … viral!

2 days ago a new commercial aired focusing on their main candidate Johan Vandelanotte (who’s running for Prime Minister) … and damn, it’s even better! It even got that hectic at work today that we even started shouting “De maaaaks” at nearly everything

After browsing the web a bit I found the ads online (otherwise they wouldn’t have been included here 😉) and started wondering which agency had created them. Inspired by my gf who knows a gazillion things about marketing I first thought of LG&F or DG, but turns out Mortierbrigade had created them (requested that and someone of Mortierbrigade mailed me) …. Well dudes, I must say, hat off for thee; Awesome work!

Hope to see a third ad hitting antenna soon … that really would be “De Maks!


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