His Stupidity, My Sarcasm, His Stupidity

I used to be very active on the students-forum I co-administered back in the days when I still was studying (#4 poster with 4700+ messages spread over 4.5 years) but ever since I graduated in 2005 I mostly just lurk around (on a daily bases). Every now and then though I join a conversation, as happened today …


Person 1 : Question, if a site was created in DreamWeaver, can you tell if it was made in a legal version, or is that untraceable?

Mkay … first he’s not telling he’s not using a legal version (double negative!) and above that he’s asking a really – really – stupid question since I know he took the courses on the subject (and most likely didn’t pay attention at all)

Person 2 : I think it’s possible to track that down.

Nearly right … better re-read your course too (or do some logic thinking!)

Person 3 : I don’t think so either. Frontpage sets generator tags, but don’t know about DreamWeaver

Don’t think so? C’mon guys! And what is he brabbling about FP?

Person 4 : Not trackable. You’ll just get a butt-ugly source.

Butt-ugly code in DW? If you only code your code in the source view (which I do, as the intellisense is darn handy!) you are the only one responsible if it looks ugly!

Bramus! : HTML is plain text *rolleyes* … so it’s a no. period.
(To be really safe better check your source for <meta name="generator" content="not so official DW version" /> :P)

I felt sorry for them … but should I? Sarcasm to the rescue :p

Person 1 : @Bramus! – What are you talking about? Dreamweaver or Frontpage?

Bramus! : Are you f*cking serious?


Dude, if you’re planning on creating a website with an illegal version of DreamWeaver (cos’ that’s what you’re asking!), if you don’t know that html is plain text (even after having taken courses on the subject and using the internet on a daily basis!); then I suggest you stop smoking the stuff you’re inhaling, re-take your courses and above all never-ever plan on creating a website again!


Edit: hmmz, looks like I first published this sucker here as private … now it’s public 😉

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