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FlickrIf a movie is dubbed “a flick” and a picture dubbed “a pic”, then why is it Flickr and not Picr?

Is it a mere simple wordgame on the term flicker? Is it because already was/is taken? Is it because flickr just sounds better? Is it because it’s an offensive word in Dutch (“flikker” = “faggot”)? Is it an inside joke by the staff while they were creating GNE (crosslinking back to flicker … 60Hz screens anyone?)? Is it because …

It’s not in Flickr FAQ Entry ‘What is Flickr’, nor in the Wikipedia entry about flickr, nor in any of the stuff I searched the last 15 minutes.

Anyone care to enlighten me, or do a wild guess?


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  1. Kevin might have it right: via “define: flick” on google, one will be passed through to wordnet search, where you’ll find:

    flick, flip, thumb, riffle, leaf, riff (look through a book or other written material) “He thumbed through the report”; “She leafed through the volume”

    Now I must say that it’s the first time I’ve heard “flick through a book” which makes me wonder how many ppl of the flickr community actually know this … (and how many of them don’t have English as their native language).

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