Their adventure (Jeugdboekenweek 2007)

Jeugdboekenweek 2007 LogoAbout a month ago I was contacted by the non-profit organisation Stichting Lezen Vlaanderen (an organistation to promote reading (as in books) here in Belgium), asking if I were able to create 2 small games for them.

One of the projects of Stichting Lezen is Jeugdboekenweek, a week to promote reading for children aged 6 to 12, and was first organized in 1972. Nowadays Jeugdboekenweek is organised nationally and nearly all schools, cultural centres, libraries, etc. participate. Since 2002 Jeugdboeken also has a website where they start their campaign one month before Jeugdboekenweek itself. On that website the children can find tips, a quiz, information and some games.


The theme of Jeugdboekenweek this year is Avontuur (Adventure) and the more awesome artwork was created by Tom Schamp, as clearly can be seen by the style found in this year’s poster

Jeugdboekenweek Poster 2007

Main element in the design of the poster is the crocodile. From thereon the team at Stichting Lezen came up with the idea of creating a pacman-like game. Also inspired by the poster, they wanted an e-card where one would be able to slide all body parts to form a composition. You must remember a toy you had when you were young that could to that: rotate some body parts and create a unique person with shoes that totally would not match the pants he was wearing (how do you call such a toy?). The e-card was dubbed “avontuur-figuur” and was given a send to a friend option (that’s what an e-card is all about, not?) and an export option.

Avontuur Figuur

Both the pacman restyle and avontuur-figuur were finished somewhere last week and today I was given notice that the website was placed live 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit and click through to the avontuur-figuur e-card and krokoman game!


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