My Lazy Saturday (My Box Office 0.4.2)

The Box OfficeThe Box Office, the tool to wrap text around a freeform image by using CSS (CSS text wrap), got updated to version 0.4.2.

Changes in this version are:

  • Fixed the bug that got introduced in the last version.
    (the ignored whitespace problem)

Go check out the changes yourself over at

The Box Office 0.4.2

Reason the bug got fixed only now is that today actually is the first free (as in ‘no obligations’) Saturday I’ve had in a long time (and this due the fact that we had a scouting activity from 6 till 8 this morning – tnx to Mathias for calling me, or I would’ve kept on snoozing – instead of the normal from 2 till 5 in the afternoon).

Planned on doing some more (UX) changes in the future but that’ll be for the next Lazy Saturday (TM), if one should occur…


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