My Mirror Image (My Heroics)

HeroicsEvery television-season there’s this one series one has to watch …

A small list I’ve knocked up:

  • pre 2000: Friends, X-Files, ER, …
  • 2000: CSI
  • 2001: 24
  • 2002: (24 Season 2 ?)
  • 2003: (24 Season 3 ?)
  • 2004: Lost
  • 2005: Prison Break
  • 2006: Heroes

(feel free to suggest other series)

If you haven’t been watching Heroes I suggest you catch up now!


Yes, this series rocks so hard I can’t wait to see the next episode. The story’s good, the characters are very interesting, the episodes always give you more clues yet raise some questions too, etc. Here’s a summary of the first episode:

Different characters are introduced as they find out their individual abilities, including a man who paints pictures of the future, a woman who sees a different side of her in the mirror, a teen-aged girl who can not die, a Japanese man who thinks he can alter the time/space continuum and a man running for congress, who has a brother that believes he can fly.

If you like what’s being told there, I’m sure you’ll like Heroes!

Still not convinced? Then maybe the trailer will convince you.



FYI: The title of this post is named after the latest and newest Scrubs episode which was aired last Thursday

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  1. Heroes is a great show indeed! Another one for 2006 could be Jericho. And personally I *love* Shark and Justice, but that’s the kinda thing you just have to love or hate.
    2004 had Lost (of course!) and Veronica Mars, although I discovered that one somewhere mid 2006…

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