My Box Office 0.4.1

The Box OfficeThe Box Office got updated to version 0.4.1 somewhere last week.

Here’s what has been changed (not much though):

  • Changed internal remote file handling after servermove
  • This results in the fact that even GIF files are now valid to enter.
    Though, when having a gif with whitespace at its top ( for example), the whitespace is misteriously ignored…

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Bramus is a Freelance Web Developer from Belgium. From the moment he discovered view-source at the age of 14 (way back in 1997), he fell in love with the web and has been tinkering with it ever since (more …)

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  1. So I love the idea of “The Box Office”, and it appears to work, but I don’t see any way to download the program… Is it open source? Or would I have to buy it from you?

  2. Alex,

    The Box Office is a free online tool which generates some XHTML and CSS for you. So there’s no need to download nor buy anything.
    Just complete the 3 simple steps, copy and paste the outputted result and you’re done 😉

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