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This info is outdated. Dreamhost is not good. still is hosted where it was before.

My favorite Frisian Manuel recently switched hosts. He now is hosted at Since he hosts some of my domains, I got moved too.

Before moving to dreamhost he asked my advice … well, what could I say about dreamhost? Not much actually, only that some of the big guys out there (Mike D. anyone?) are hosted at dreamhost so that it *can’t* be bad or they would have moved out a long long time ago.

When googling for “dreamhost review” or a similar term most of the comments found are positive (though some always complain, but hey, when does a user not complain?) and above that the packages dreamhost offers look great. Heck, they are MASSIVE : For only 15.95 you get 60 GiBi of storage, 1.6 TB of bandwith, unlimited MySQL databases, 12000 e-mail accounts, unlimited domains, etc.
So Manuel signed up, and I quickly transferred my non domains to the dreamhost server. Will see how the server behaves itself, only the future can tell


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