Mint Custom Title, A Minty WordPress Plugin

WARNING: This project is outdated, no longer updated, and unsupported. It is kept here merely for archiving purposes. You should check out my most recent projects on Github


What is Mint Custom Title?

Minty WPMint Custom Title is a WordPress Plugin which enables you to set a custom page/post title by which you can identify the page/post inside Mint whilst keeping the original page/post title unchanged to your visitors, and this from within WordPress itself!



Download Mint Custom Title 1.0

Don’t forget to read the License & usage and Installation/Configuration blocks on this page! 😉




  1. Upload mint_custom_title.php to your wp-plugins directory
  2. Login into your WordPress Admin and activate the plugin at the “Plugins” tab
  3. That’s it 🙂


  • When writing a post on your blog, scroll down to the “Custom Fields” container (click on the plus if it’s not open yet)
  • Add a new field mint_custom_title as the Key and enter the title you want to track the page by as the Value
  • That’s it 🙂


Version History

Version 10 – 2008.01.15 – * INITIAL RELEASE *

  • Well … first release.


License & usage

The script is released under a creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Should you use the script within a commercial context please consider clicking the PayPal donate button.



One can always leave a comment in case any questions should arise or if a bug were to be found; and one can always support me by donating me a tidbit to my paypal 😉


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  1. I dont have a custom fields field available when creating pages- an idea how to get this working for pages, too?

  2. In WordPress 2.x there’s a custom fields block you can expand, located just above the Delete Button. Sure your using an update WP install and have enough privileged (viz. is your user level in WP “Administrator”)?

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