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PWAs are coming to iOS 11.3: Cupertino, we have a problem

Recently it was announced that iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 will include Service Workers, opening up the way for PWAs on iOS (and potentially macOS too, following lead of Microsoft here). ☝️ If you don’t want to download the macOS … Continue reading

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Network based image loading using the Network Information API in Service Worker

Clever use of a service worker in combination with navigator.connection.effetiveType by Michael Scharnagl. The SW watches all requests for image resources, and rewrites them to high resolution versions in case navigator.connection.effetiveType is fast enough. Network based image loading using the … Continue reading

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Tame your Service Worker before your Progressive Web App go into the wild

Slidedeck by Maxim Salnikov: With great power comes great responsibility – trivially, but true: I’ll show the examples of how easy the “Progressive” part of the PWA term could become “Regressive”, how to fix this, and how to test our … Continue reading

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sw-toolbox – A Collection of Tools for Service Workers

Service Worker Toolbox provides some simple helpers for use in creating your own service workers. Specifically, it provides common caching strategies for dynamic content, such as API calls, third-party resources, and large or infrequently used local resources that you don’t … Continue reading

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Service Worker Gotchas

Osvaldas Valutis from kollegorna.se has written an in-depth article on Service Workers

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Implementing “Save For Offline” with Service Workers

Una Kravets implemented “Save For Offline” on her blog, using Service Workers. She described the reasoning, process, and code to implement. With “Save For Offline”, if someone is reading your blog on the subway, and loses their Internet connection, they … Continue reading

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Supercharging page load

Jake Archibald introduces how making simple changes to Service Worker can vastly improve the startup and load performance of your web site. In this video Jake shows how he has made his Wikipedia application not only work offline but amazingly … Continue reading

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Geofencing for the Web

navigator.serviceWorker.register(‘serviceworker.js’).then( function(serviceWorkerRegistration) { serviceWorkerRegistration.geofencing.add( new CircularGeofenceRegion({ name: “myfence”, latitude: 37.421999, longitude: -122.084015, radius: 1000 }), {includePosition: true}).then( function(geofence) { console.log(geofence.id); // If more than just a name needs to be stored with a geofence, now // would be the time … Continue reading

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The ServiceWorker is coming, look busy!

Look at the apps on your homescreen. Why are they native? Why aren’t they just on the web? Its usually some combination of push messaging, background sync, offline & performance. When native has something the web doesn’t, we should consider … Continue reading

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