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MAMP Pro slow name resolving with .local vhosts in Lion (fix)

An issue I’ve encountered with MAMP Pro since having upgraded to OS X Lion was that requests to vhosts served via MAMP took their time to load: after about 3 to 5 seconds of loading, the site would finally load. … Continue reading

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The end of IE6 is near, isn't it?

Apparently many out there are under the impression that IE8 will be installed overnight on all Windows machines automagically by which IE6 will die a sudden death. Right, right? WRONG!

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The lazy programmer at work: _eoo and your Javascript Objects

I admit: I’m a lazy programmer. If there’s anything I can do to reduce code, I’m in. Above that: if there’s anything I can do to avoid mistakes and errors, I’m in too. In order to have less errors/mistakes whilst … Continue reading

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Accessing data saved in the class property of DOM-elements with jQuery

Use of this plugin is not recommended anymore. Use data-* attributes and $ instead. This was a possible solution, a long time ago. A few weeks ago former colleague Jurriaan wrote a PrototypeJS extension to accessing data stored within classes … Continue reading

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Using Dropbox as an automatic and free Web Publishing solution

In addition to having moved my mail to Google Apps for your Domain I decided to take it to the next level about a month ago by using Dropbox for storing both personal as professional (viz. 3RDS-related) data in the … Continue reading

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Enabling Image Upload in Staff Panel of Kayako Support Suite

When it comes to features and functionality Kayako Supportsuite is a fine product indeed. One of the things that is lacking though is the ability to upload new images to the server in order for you to insert them into … Continue reading

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PS_BRAMUS.TextConvert: PSD2TXT and TXT2PSD for the masses!

What if you could extract all text strings from a PSD file into a TXT file? Sure, it’s possible, thanks to PS_BRAMUS.TextExport, the PSD2TXT script I wrote a few months ago. Now, what if you wanted to do that in … Continue reading

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jQuery.serializeAnything : Serialize anything (and not just forms!)

Code snippet I found somewhere in my archive: jQuery.serializeAnything() is a jQuery Extension that serializes any element you specify, in contrast to jQuery’s builtin serialize() function which is limited to serializing form elements only.

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For all you GreaseMonkey lovers out there: got updated to work with the *new* Delicious! Head over to to install this new version 😉

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Barcamp Ghent

On November 29 I’ll be one of the 100 attendees at Barcamp Ghent 2. As one might expect, I’ll be doing a javascript related presentation, however I’m not quite sure what you guys want to hear me talking about.

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