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I’m Glad We Didn’t Have Facebook or Twitter on 9/11

When it was all said and done, when we were all done sharing our bilious aggression and dime-store punditry with our friends and followers, then would have come the saddest part: the online memorials. Unsure of what to do with … Continue reading

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Early this morning, the team at the Boston Globe flipped the switch on an incredibly ambitious new web site, and the 139-year-old Award-winning American newspaper gained a proper home of its own on the web. The website brings journalism and … Continue reading

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Gowalla 4

Several months ago, the Gowalla team — seen as the main competitor to Foursquare, winner of the location wars — sat down to dream it all up again. They thought about what kind of location-based app they would build today … Continue reading

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Fanhattan is an iPad app that lets you search for movies/tv shows and tells you where they are available (Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, …). Not only does it tell you where it is available, it also can launch the needed … Continue reading

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Google Patents

The difference is that Apple actually invented the technology it accused HTC — and by proxy, Google — of “stealing”. HTC and Google, by contrast, are accusing Apple of violating patents they bought fourth or fifth hand. Google gets its … Continue reading

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In Germany there is a white road sign with a grey stripe across which basically means “challenge your car.”

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Responsive Design and Javascript

So here’s the thing with responsive design and JavaScript … A discussion to keep an eye on →

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Bryce Wymer: Flat Earth

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Most Pressed Keys and Programming Syntaxes

I often wondered what happens when having to deal with the different syntaxes, does the syntax allow you to be more expressive or faster at coding in one language or another. I dont really know about that; but what I … Continue reading

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You’ve gotta believe in yourself.

Best. Motivational. Speech. Ever.

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