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Your Thursday night – 30 ROCK

Just noticed that één (TV Channel here in Belgium) has been airing 30 rock for four weeks by now, which I can only applaud as this series really kicks ass.

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My DOTD: Their Garden, now with free copycat!

Just saw the new videoclip of Ok Go entitled “Do What You Want”and must say that there is a striking resemblance with a scene from Zach Braff‘s Garden State …

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My Mirror Image (My Heroics)

Every television-season there’s this one series one has to watch …

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My season finale

As the television season has ended I give my thoughts on some of the series I have watched : Scrubs, House, CSI, CSI: New York and Lost.

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My new naming scheme

One might ask “Why o why do you name every post ‘My xyz’?”. The answer might not be what you expect though…

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I'm no superman – Okay, but when?

Well yeah, nearly September so the new Television Season is about to start. One of my favorite shows is Scrubs (from which the subject of this newsitem is extracted ) but there appears to be some vague information floating around … Continue reading

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