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RE: Rounded corners on images, CSS-only

Rounded corners are hot. They have been for a long time and still are. Recently things got a whole lot easier due to the fact that lots of browsers started supporting (their vendor specific prefixed version of) border-radius. One of … Continue reading

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The lazy programmer at work: _eoo and your Javascript Objects

I admit: I’m a lazy programmer. If there’s anything I can do to reduce code, I’m in. Above that: if there’s anything I can do to avoid mistakes and errors, I’m in too. In order to have less errors/mistakes whilst … Continue reading

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Accessing data saved in the class property of DOM-elements with jQuery

Use of this plugin is not recommended anymore. Use data-* attributes and $ instead. This was a possible solution, a long time ago. A few weeks ago former colleague Jurriaan wrote a PrototypeJS extension to accessing data stored within classes … Continue reading

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Learning Ext JS

A week ago I was contacted by Packt Publishing to review their new book Learning Ext JS. Having worked with Ext JS a few times (Mainly whilst helping develop Fork CMS), I’ve only scraped the surface of the possibilities so … Continue reading

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PS_BRAMUS.TextConvert: PSD2TXT and TXT2PSD for the masses!

What if you could extract all text strings from a PSD file into a TXT file? Sure, it’s possible, thanks to PS_BRAMUS.TextExport, the PSD2TXT script I wrote a few months ago. Now, what if you wanted to do that in … Continue reading

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jQuery.serializeAnything : Serialize anything (and not just forms!)

Code snippet I found somewhere in my archive: jQuery.serializeAnything() is a jQuery Extension that serializes any element you specify, in contrast to jQuery’s builtin serialize() function which is limited to serializing form elements only.

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For all you GreaseMonkey lovers out there: got updated to work with the *new* Delicious! Head over to to install this new version 😉

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Barcamp Ghent

On November 29 I’ll be one of the 100 attendees at Barcamp Ghent 2. As one might expect, I’ll be doing a javascript related presentation, however I’m not quite sure what you guys want to hear me talking about.

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Firebug 1.2 vs Firefox 2 : Fixing the 'console is not defined' error

Getting some ‘console is not defined‘ errors in Firefox 2 with Firebug 1.2.0? Don’t worry, as it turns out that’s by design. The trick is to issue a window.loadFirebugConsole(); in your Javascript before using the console. Thanks for mentioning it … Continue reading

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Backdropping jQuery functions into PrototypeJS

One of the functions I use quite regularly when working with jQuery is .attr(). Right now – at work – I’m fiddling around in Prototype, and noticed I kept on writing .attr() which – quite evidently – doesn’t exist. Okay, … Continue reading

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