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On Gowalla, Facebook, Instagram, Path, and Storytelling

I was meaning to write a blogpost on Gowalla 4. About how I used it less than before. But also about that when I use it (which I still do from time to time), I use it in a more … Continue reading

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AirPlay TV

Joe Hewitt, on the future of the Apple TV: I’ve been reading a lot of speculation recently about what a future Apple TV might look like. Not nearly enough of these analyses have talked about AirPlay. It’s clear to me … Continue reading

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DeliciousBackup, running a local, browsable backup of your Delicous bookmarks.

Now that there are rumors of Yahoo shutting down Delicious I found it necessary to keep my bookmarks safe and have a local, browsable copy of them.

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Positioning Firefox’ Tab Close Buttons on the left

“I can’t stand how the close button for tabs is on the right. On the Mac, close goes on the left.”— John Gruber (#)

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On Plex/Nine

About two months ago Plex/Nine, the most awesome Mac Media Center solution for OS X out there, was released. The release was an entire overhaul of the Plex/Eight code and basically had — featurewise — nothing new to offer (heck, … Continue reading

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Tweet Nest and, sitting in a tree …

Last month I’ve set up Tweet Nest, a browsable, searchable and easily customizable archive and backup for your tweets, at in order to have a local archive of all (*) my tweets. More recently I’ve started using, an … Continue reading

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Gowalla MILF, now with OAuth

Today Gowalla Missing Items Location Finder (read introductory post here) was updated to a newer version, supporting OAuth amongst some other minor improvements

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Introducing Gowalla Missing Items Location Finder (Gowalla MILF)

Today I released a tool named Gowalla Missing Items Location Finder (Gowalla MILF for short) which lets you locate Gowalla spots near you which contain items which are missing from your vault.

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Downloading from hotfile via wget

It’s rather easy actually: log in (via wget) so that a cookie will be made and start downloading

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Javascript Autocomplete Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy Matching: “Let’s say you have five people. Daniel, Dustin, David, Damarcus, and Russ. Now let’s say a user types in dus. We would match Dustin and Damarcus. Likewise, if we typed in us, we would get an output of … Continue reading

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