Who am I? Anomaly in the system


It had to be me again … here in Belgium we all have an identity card starting at age 12. All identity cards have a cardnumber and each person has an identity number (rijksregisternummer in Dutch).

Last year, when applying for a summerjob, the company which dealt with the payment refused my identity number since it didn’t turn out to be me, but some French speaking guy, aged 31. Most likely a typo or sth like that, so I sent them the number and then they got it correct …

This year it happened again when applying for an other job : the computer didn’t accept my identity number… time for me to call to the office which deals with identity cards and guess what: for about 9 years I’ve been having a faulty identity number on my identity card (the number which they found in their database differs from the one on my card)


They urged to come in to replace my faulty number with the correct one. Luckely for me the identity number only is marked on a sticker which is attached to the back of the identity card, so that I didn’t have to buy a new one since rather soon we’ll all be having an electronic identity card (so I’d like have to buy a new for to use one year and then again buy a new, electronic, one)

Long live Belgium :rolleyes:



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